Making the Most of your Toronto Backyard

In any season, Toronto back yards can mean having a lot of fun with family and friends. Winter and lots of snow is the perfect time for a family to have a fun day out sledding and making various snow constructions in the back yard (provided, of course, that it isn't TOO cold out and that it isn't snowing at the time). Spring is ideal for creating your backyard oasis, and of course summer is the season that Canadians all over the country live for. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your Toronto back yard.

  • Take advantage of the planting season. There is nothing quite as appealing as a cultured back yard, and spring is the time to start creating your own personal version of paradise. A back yard is like everyone's perfect canvas, with plenty of opportunity for planting and designing the gardens you have always wanted. From vegetables and fruits to all types of flowers, the Toronto climate is partial to growing a wide variety of desirable plants and every Toronto inhabitant should take advantage of this.

  • Build yourself a deck! There is no better place to enjoy all the work you put into your back yard than on a nicely built deck. Decks are the perfect viewing platform, whether you like to just go out and read, watch your kids play, or just appreciate all the work you have put into your yard. Catch a tan knowing that this addition to your house is good for both of you in terms of relaxation and added value!

  • Fence it in! This is really only a priority if you have neighbours, pets, children, or some combination of all the above, that you either want to keep in or out. Some people might disagree with the idea of a fence purely on a symbolic level, but we think that a good-quality fence offers some great chances to get even more creative with your yard. Building and painting them is a great project, and you can experiment with all sorts of climbing plants to create an old country feeling.

The best way that anyone can make the most out of their back yards is to use it. People in cities all over the world would love to have the kind of space that many of us take for granted in their residences, and that's something worth appreciating.

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Thursday, September 24, 2020