How To Find A Pet Groomer

Just as you like to keep yourself looking your best, many people like to extend the same courtesy to their pets. While you can visit a hair dresser or a makeup artist to spruce yourself up, the expert your pet needs to visit is a groomer. It's difficult to keep a pet happy on a long trip, so you want to find a groomer near your French Quarter II Condos - 115 Richmond St. E. We can help you. Try these tricks for locating a good pet groomer nearby.

Ask Your Vet

You take your pet to the veterinarian regularly, or at least you should. Your veterinarian will be familiar with your pet as well as which Scarborough condo you call home. If you ask him for a recommendation, he will probably be able to give you the name of a pet groomer his other clients swear by. Vets will also know whether the pet groomer is legitimate and safe to unleash on your pet or just a hack looking for your money.

Ask Other Pet Owners

If you're a member of a pet owner's club, such as an agility training group or a show club, then ask the other members who have been in it longer than you who they recommend to groom their pet. Though many of them may own condos in Toronto far from yours, you can at least check it out. If you're not in a group, ask the other owners you see in your building our out in the park with their animals.

Check Out the BBB

The Better Business Bureau has listings of most area businesses, so they're worth checking out. And what's even better is that they keep reports on these businesses so you know that a lady who sells real estate in Vaughan had a bad experience with this pet groomer, or that that one has won awards for its quality of service.

Browse the Listings

If all else fails, you can always check the public business listings for your town. The Yellow Pages is a good place to start, though it will only tell you about the companies who have paid for ad space in the phone book. Another option would be to do a search on Google Maps, which will show you the pet groomers in order of distance from your Richmond, VA townhouses. This can be helpful if you have a pet who really hates to travel.

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