Pet Licenses

When we walk into the pet store and see that adorable face of a kitten or puppy we usually aren't thinking of all of the additional cost and responsibility that goes with owning a pet. But this is definitely something that you do need to consider if you're considering bringing a new furry friend home to your home at 10 Avoca Avenue or even adding another animal to a farm in the country. One of the things that you should remember to take care of is getting your cat or dog the proper pet license. This will help to protect them if they are ever to get lost outside and it is the law.

Before you can obtain a license for your pet they need to be properly vaccinated for rabies. Sometimes when you're buying a dog from a breeder they will already have their first shots before you even take possession of the animal but this is hardly ever the case when it comes to pets from the pet store. It should be relatively easy to find a good veterinarian around your condos Edmonton based or Toronto home and they will be able to set you up with a vaccination schedule.

Once you're pet has all of their shots you can stop by the animal control office or contact them by phone. You will need documentation of their vaccinations and will usually have to pay less for the license if your dog or cat is also spayed or neutered. There is also a discount for senior citizens who own animals. If you're living in King West condos and don't plan to let your pet outside they should still have the necessary license just in case. Your local animal control office is likely attached to the humane society.

With your license you will be given a tag that is meant to be put on your pet's collar. This allows them to be taken back home if they are ever lost and needs to be renewed every one to two years depending on your area. If an animal control worker finds your pet wandering around Oshawa real estate without a collar they have the right to take them back to the humane society as a stray. So you want to make sure that your dog or cat is always wearing this documentation. You likely consider them just as much a member of your family in your Toronto townhouse or Halifax home and don't want them to be lost when exploring outside.

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