Winter: Men

We talked about what women need as far as winter essentials in our last article, but what about men? After guys are done will all of the winter prep, complete with valve repair and closing up the barbecue, they feel the bitter cold of the Canadian winter as well. But most of the time they are reluctant to share it. This means that if you are shopping for a guy, you might have to go with subtle hints and intuition when it comes to the appropriate purchase. Here are a few ideas.

    Slippers! Slippers can be a great thing for any guy in the wintertime. It's nice to slip on a pair of warm foot covers as soon as you take your feet out of the bed; if their home has hardwood floors, slippers can make all the difference in the morning!

    Automatic coffee maker. The thing about winter mornings is that everything seems less pleasant because the house gets so cold overnight. Having the coffee ready not only means starting the day out right away, it also means avoiding unpleasant preparations.And if they don't have the luxury of living in a community with the convenience of the subway, they will welcome the coffee to get them through that winter commute to work.

    Housecoat. Similar to slippers, there is nothing like slipping on a nice housecoat when a guy rolls out of bed.

    Car de-icer. We know this item isn't for guys only, but we ran out of room in the women's article! There's nothing worse than getting out to start your car in the morning and finding that the lock is frozen and you can't get your key in! Come to think of it, an automatic starter would be even handier, so go with your budget on this one! If he has the misfortune of working outside, maybe cleaning up a yard or doing bus duty, we are sure they would appreciate at least a warm drive to and from work!

The trick when it comes to wintertime is dealing with the details. Having items around that can give you even a few minutes out of the cold can make winter a lot more bearable. You don't have to face the cold in all its primitive glory just because you are male.

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