Metabolized Traces

Because drug tests are essentially scientific in nature, there can be a lot of jargon associated with the results that they put forward. Whether you are the subject of a drug test or the person administering the test, it can be very useful to have a very firm understanding of what some of the most used terms in the process mean. Some businesses now give drug tests to their staff sporadically, maybe if those employees need to run a complicated service like flood remediation for example. In this article, we will explore the meaning of the term "metabolized traces".

Metabolism is a constant within the body of any living creature, animal or plant. It refers to the most basic functions of bodies such as respiration, digestion, growth, and movement. More specifically, metabolism is the process by which elements taken into the body are used to perform these functions.

Drug tests
Drug Tests detect drug use at a couple of different stages. The first stage is the actual ingestion of the narcotic; many drugs stay within the system intact for a few days before dissolving. Once dissolved, drugs can be detected through their metabolized traces for a number of days, depending on the tests.

Metabolized traces of drugs are pieces of the drug that have been broken down and are now a part of the body's processes. This can include elements of the drug that the body has turned into waste and is disposing of through the urinary system (thus the use of the dip test). Some parts of the drug may actually be used by the body to carry out its functions once the drug has been broken down; these elements end up being used in growth of hair, fingernails, and so on, and thus become a part of the body themselves. Remember, drug use can be detected from anything from prescription medication to come products used in the items at food product launches, so be careful if you know a drug test is in your future.

While drug tests will be able to indicate recent drug use from the presence of the drug within a subject's system, metabolized traces are what indicate a history of usage within a person. For this reason, metabolized traces may be the most useful indicator of a person's drug habit; for a person with a habit of drug use, they are much harder to hide.

On the other hand, some metabolized traces, which may come from certain drugs, may also come from a number of different sources. For this reason, detection of metabolized traces is used mainly as a hint at drug use and not as conclusive evidence. Remember, for the most part metabolized traces are bits of elements broken down and reused, so they may not actually be from a narcotic at all.

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