Winter: Activities

In Canada, we've had to adapt to winter or face sitting around doing nothing for a third of the year. Like countries in other northern climates, we have developed a taste for a whole range of winter activities that keep us active and outdoors, and in many cases people become ardent participants in these activities. We have compiled a list of some essential items that can help enhance your favourite winter activity, whether it is skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, tobogganing, going to a hockey game, or a dozen other winter time activities.

    Hand warmers! No matter how good your gloves or mittens are, most of us start to feel the cold in our hands after a while. The perfect remedy are small hand warmers, which fit right inside your gloves. There are several brands available, they work quickly, and they are priced right!

    Thermos. The technology that goes into a thermos has come a long way in the last decade; you can even buy individual portion thermos sizes today! Your only limitation is size, based on what you can carry and the length of your outing. A hot drink from your thermos will warm you up and keep you going even on the really cold days.

    Backpack. Waterproof and insulated backpacks are a must on any winter activity excursion. They will keep all your other essentials together and warm as well.

    Emergency kit. There is always an element of risk when you go out and enjoy a winter activity, particularly on the ski hills or in the woods. If you really get stuck, the situation can get grim quickly. A good emergency kit can be vital to your survival, so make sure and bring one along.

We'll leave things on that last point. Wintertime activities are fun, but the weather means there is not much room for error. Always make safety your priority, and be prepared for the worst winter has to throw at you.

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