Renovation Disasters: Why sometimes doing it yourself just isn't the best answer.

Those who watched television in the 1990s are likely to remember one of the decade's most successful sitcoms, Home Improvement, starring Tim Allen. The show featured a man who ran his own tool and home renovation show. Naturally, he liked to make his own repairs around the house, but - much to his family's dismay - most of the time the repairs did not turn out as he had planned.

Now, Home Improvement was a bit of an exaggeration; most handymen who host their own shows have the ability to make repairs around the house in most areas. But if you really pay attention to these shows, you will notice that when it comes to big jobs in specialized areas (and that includes plumbing and electricity) almost all of the "building" genre shows call on professionals to make the repairs for them. This is true whether you are watching House and Home or any number of the fix them up shows so popular today.

Our main point here is that if men and women who make their careers in offering home repair advice need help from professionals a significant part of the time, why is the individual home owner any different? There seems to be a prevailing attitude in our society that all gifts are given out to all people, and this has come to affect our day-to-day lives. The simple truth is that there are many jobs that are beyond the capacity of the individual to handle, and when you are talking about home renovations, do-it-yourself attempts can be nothing short of disastrous.

This is especially apparent in the specialized areas of your home that we mentioned above; an amateur job on re-wiring electricity or on your pipes can really lead to some huge problems, problems that can lead to additional repairs and expenses. However, problems may occur even with smaller jobs, such as re-tiling your bathroom. The most common problem is that the do-it-yourself person runs out of energy before the job is done, leaving the area looking worse than before, sometimes for years! No one wants to have a pair of unfinished kitchen cabinets staring at them each and every morning!

All of this will eventually come back to haunt you. You will either have to finish the repairs or attempt to sell your house with the repairs undone, usually to another dreamer with ideas about his or her own renovation skills. It is much better to cut expenses and time by hiring the services of a professional who can get the job done for you, and avoid those home renovation disasters.

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