Shopping can be functional as well as cathartic. Though we all want to be at the mall to buy shoes or clothes or books or DVDs, the reality is that we're more often called upon to go shopping for household items than for presents for ourselves. Some of the things we may be called upon to shop for practically include IP telephone systems and briefcases, if our career paths lie in business. This article is all about briefcases, their function, the types available, and some suggestions on where to shop for them.

Briefcases originally evolved as a way to carry papers without creasing them. Prior to the invention of the briefcase, most people carried frameless carpet bags that offered no promises that any documents inside would keep their shape on the way to the King West dentist. With the addition of a rigid frame or shell, which is sometimes metal, sometimes plastic, and sometimes made of very stiff fabrics and cardboards, the carpet bag became a briefcase and documents had a safe home while traveling.

There are numerous different briefcase models in the stores today. If you're thinking of getting a briefcase for yourself as a present when you get your real estate license in Ontario, you'll have a lot of options. If you're a more traditional person, you might go for a rigid, rectangular leather model that opens up the center while people with more modern sensibilities might like a metal model. Briefcases also come in a flap-top design and a zip-around design. They may be leather, vinyl, or even canvas.

When you're shopping for your briefcase, you can narrow your search by having an idea of what sort of features you want. Some briefcases come with locks to keep nosy people out. Others have special laptop compartments for your computer. Plenty have an array of organizer pockets for pens, cell phones, wallets, and the like. If you're going to be using a Toronto taxi service and you're worried about leaving it behind, you can even get a briefcase that can be handcuffed to you.

The best places to shop for briefcases are luggage retailers and office supply stores, though you may also find some cheaper models in department stores as well. If you're shopping near your Vallarta condo rentals you'll probably be looking in independent boutiques, but in Canada there are a number of chains that carry them, including Staples, Bentley Luggage Co, Kelly's Luggage, and Business Depot.

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