Decorating Ideas

If you've just recently moved into one of those newly built townhomes Toronto has so many of, congratulations! What an exciting time for a shopaholic! The new home will probably need to be completely outfitted with decor, both inside and out (if you have a balcony, garden, or yard). While we would never presume to make your shopping list for you, here are some places you can find decorating ideas that will help you turn your new house into a real home.


Home and home decorating are among the most popular subjects for hobby magazines. Why? Because there's no end to the possibilities of what you can do to decorate a piece of Oakville real estate. Keep in mind that each magazine has its own particular style, so take some time and flip through each one before shelling out $5-$9 for your average glossy. Some popular periodicals include Martha Stewart Living, Our Homes, Style at Home, and Reno & Decor. You might also check out trade magazines geared toward interior design and decorating professionals.


With the explosion of specialty cable networks comes an explosion of reality television shows with a decorating theme. Simply turn on the Home & Garden network or Slice at any given time and you'll probably find a show where professional designers are overhauling an Ontario waterfront cottage for sale that's been sitting on the market unsold, doing a surprise redecoration while the owner is away, or staging some sort of decorating intervention for the stylistically impaired.

Store Displays

A visit to your average Ikea store will yield enough displays of fully decorated sample rooms to furnish all the Oakville homes for sale on your agent's to do list. Strolling through that monstrous warehouse or the display floors at Bed Bath & Beyond, Homesense, or Sears, can give you quite a few ideas, and best of all - the prices are right there for you to see. If you can't visit a store, the catalog works almost as well.


Not all Toronto condominiums need to be decorated according to a style invented by a professional designer and spread through the media for millions of people to copy. You can design your own decorating scheme if you're up for it. Inspiration can come from anywhere: the contents of your closet, an old photo, the trees in the park, a rug you found at a yard sale, or even something your best friend said.

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