Pet Proofing Your Home

Bringing home a pet is always fun. It's not so much fun when they start chewing through wires or furniture though. Make sure, for your sake and theirs, that you have pet proofed your home well enough that no disasters will happen. If you live in a condo or rental setting, or somewhere like the King West condos, check in advance with the landlord about pet regulations. You never know, there may be rules or limitations on having pets living in your building. Hopefully you are allowed to have your new furry friend, and it is time to think about creating a pet friendly space.

Some people totally forgo the risk of having an animal take over their space. Lots of people that have balconies, for example a lot of the houses within Toronto Annex real estate, create a pet friendly area just on the balcony. You of course would pet proof the spaces between the railings, making sure they aren't wide enough for any accidents to happen. You may even consider painting or treating the wood with a pet-friendly substance that is designed to make clean ups easy.

Hopefully, your pet will spend lots of time with you while you do things like watching TV. Animals love to bond with their masters, so making the area you all spend time in pet friendly is a nice way of making sure the animal will be a true part of your family. If you enjoy watching TV, but there are lots of wires around for a frisky animal to chew on, try spraying them with something that the animal won't like. Most pet stores carry a spray called 'Apple Bitter' which is basically a non-toxic turn off to pets. It's also important to make sure the pets aren't leaving messy marks on your beautiful couch. After all, it's the centerpiece to your living room in your condo in Mississauga. Some scotch guards work really well, but are dangerous for your pet. Look into which ones are pet friendly, and then you and your pet will be happy!

Some Milton real estate agents have found themselves centering a lot of the focus on buying and selling homes around the families' pets. In a neighbourhood that offers more outdoor space and nice backyards, people like to look for homes that will suit their pets. A nice fence to keep the dog you own contained can be a bonus for you, and the dog. If you keep lots of toys in your backyard to play with, and you have the peace of mind that the pup can't wander away on you, the backyard can be a fun place for the dog to get a little fresh air and exercise. Keeping lots of toys and things to stay busy with is key to pet proofing the yard though. If the pet becomes bored, they might start digging holes in the lawn, and you probably don't want that. Some people have lots of space on their property. Maybe you live in one of the beautiful Milton Ontario homes and you're worried that your pet will go close to the road while running around outside. There are lots of safe options to contain your pet. Extended leashes, runs, or even electronic fences can ensure that your yard is pet proofed and safety focused. Keeping your home pet proofed will keep them safe, and both of you happy. Everything from the outdoors to the indoors should reflect a pet friendly home. Then you're more likely to have a friendly pet!

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