Sell Your Stuff From a Rollformer to Etobicoke or Toronto Cottages, Houses, Condos & Real Estate

If you've got a shopping habit, there are most likely two things that keep you from pursuing your hobby with the amount of gusto you would like. The first is that buying too much causes you to run out of money and miss payments on your apartment, and the second is that all the stuff you've already bought could fill several Etobicoke houses and there's no room for anything more. If this sounds like you, we've got a solution that will solve both your problems in one go: sell your stuff. This guide will tell you how.

What to sell

It would be nice if everything you didn't want anymore could be unloaded onto someone else, thereby keeping almost everything out of the landfills, but unfortunately people only want your stuff, not your junk. To tell the difference between the two, look at the wanted sections of the classifieds as well as how popular the items are when other people sell them. You may find someone who really really wants a rollformer from 1987, but it's unlikely. The best things to sell are collectibles (Star Wars memorabilia, for example), good used clothing, and electronics.

Where to sell

There are a number of different place you can look into when you're selling your stuff. You can pay some money and place an ad in the newspaper if it's something expensive, like Markham real estate. Or you can take out a free ad in a classifieds circular like the Penny Saver. There are consignment shops you can work through if you're selling clothing. There are also many sites you can make use of. Online classifieds like Craigslist and Kijiji are browsed by many locals, and the eBay auction site will expose your item to millions of people.

What to charge

If can be tough to guess how much someone will think your item is worth, but chances are it's less than you think it's worth. The Toronto condo listings are filled with overpriced units and so are the classifieds. Things depreciate over time, so you CANNOT charge the price you originally paid. Check out what other people are charging for similar items and then try to compete. If you're going the eBay route, you can set a reserve so that you won't have to sell and ship the item for 1 cent if no one else bids.

Getting paid

It's easy to fall victim to scams when you're selling to strangers, so there are a few rules to follow. Deal locally with people who will come to your cottage rentals in PEI and pay cash. Do not accept cheques, and do not mail anything to a buyer without first receiving payment. Use a middle-man site like PayPal for safety and convenience.

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