How to Tell if your Handbag is REALLY Leather.

Have you been looking at a leather handbag that seems to come with a great deal on the price tag, even though it is made of "genuine leather"? Leather laptop cases and handbags are great because they will last a long time and are definitely stylish, especially with a great new outfit. There are however plenty of companies and individuals out there who will try and trick you into dropping dollars on a handbag that is not really made of leather. So how can you tell if the handbag you bought is real leather or some imitation? Here are a few tips.

  • Price tag. Leather products are almost always more expensive than non-leather equivalent, so that cheap price might be a first clue that the product is not actually real leather.

  • Smell. We all know that genuine leather has a very distinct smell, and if you are not familiar with that smell go sniff something that you know is made from real leather. Leather is made from different kinds of animal skin and as such has a heady, strong, and pleasant scent. Imitation leather will have more of a plastic smell, not the treated smell of the genuine article.

  • Feel. Run your hand along the outside of the bag. Fake leather will feel very smooth with no breaks, again due to the fact that most of the composition will be plastic. Real leather fashioned from animal skin will have aberrations on the surface that you will be able to feel on your fingertips.

  • Sight. When you are looking at real leather, you will be able to see little holes on the surface, small imperfections, and so on. Again, this is the result of the animal skin being used to fashion the handbag. Fake leather handbags will be very smooth as they are made from artificial materials.

  • Weight. Leather is fairly heavy, while fake leather is much lighter.

It is important to note that there are different types of leather, and each will have its own smell and appearance, not to mention durability. Cow and kangaroo leather continue to be the most durable types, although there are plenty of other types. Distinctions in appearance between real leather handbags may be due to the different types of leather used.

All types of leather, however, will follow the rules listed above and therefore can be differentiated from imitations. And if you still aren't sure and want to risk it all, try taking a match to that handbag; real leather won't burn!

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