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Welcome to version 2.0 of the GoSee.ca website. Our site is designed to provide you with information that will hopefully make your Toronto computer shopping experience more enjoyable.

Our version 2.0 website came about when I went looking for a new monitor in the College and Spadina computer store area. As everyone knows there are numerous options along the strip. I figured I’d try to save some time and do some online research. I noticed that the old version of Gosee.ca had unfortunately disappeared. So after I somewhat shady experience buying a new used monitor I figured the website needed to be reborn. Nothing like getting charged HST for a purchase and not receiving a receipt to make you want to create some online shopping resource!

Our main section and most popular is the page about the College and Spadina computer stores. The section contains a map of the area and information about all the stores in the area. We will be doing some pricing comparison along the strip to help spot any great deals.

Another section of the website is being developed to include Toronto computer stores that are not located in the Spadina & College area but they are stores that have received some good reviews for various reasons. This section will also include a map to help you along with some information about products available, store hours etc.

If you receive any information about special pricing deals from any computer stores in the Toronto region we will put out a blog post so if you are interested in that please check out our blog feed.

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