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Factory Direct

Another store that is part of a larger chain of computer stores. But than again by looking at their online flyer the buying power of factorydirect should not be discounted. Golf umbrellas for $5.00!! Not sure if the Toronto computer store location had the umbrellas in stock but heck they were listed on the flyer.

Their online flyer is great because it does list plenty of deals so that should be a place to start looking for whatever your computer buying heart desires. Many computer wholesale companies prefer to offload their products to computer store chains like factorydirect so they should have some unique offers available ever week.

The flyers are listed on the main website http://www.factorydirect.ca

290 College St.
Store phone number : (416) 962-7788
Store hours:
Mon. to Thur. 10AM – 8PM
Fri. 10AM – 9PM
Saturday 10AM – 6PM
Sunday 11AM – 5PM