Go See some deals and online shopping help



Thanks for taking the time to review what this website is all about. The current gosee.ca website is really version 2.0 of gosee.ca. While searching for a new/used computer monitor I discovered that the old gosee.ca website had disappeared.

So after having a somewhat shady shopping experience at one of the stores in the College and Spadina Computer Stores I decided to redevelop the website with some new updated information. While I’ll avoid too much user generated customer feedback because I don’t have all the resources to investigate each claim, the website will have various pieces of information.

Our current map of the Spadina and College computer store area is lacking in some photos. Hopefully some more coding skills will help the process over the next few months.

This website does attract Toronto computer consumers so if your business is interested in promoting itself we do accept advertising spots in the four blocks currently in the upper right hand side of the website

You can contact us regarding advertising or if you have any additional questions or information please contact use via the following email dave AT (this websites domain name).